Safety First: What to Look For When Buying Toys

Today on the news they announced a recall of over 3 million plush toys due to some parts being sewn in too loosely. The fact that they noticed it is great, however for someone who already gave their kid this toy it could be too late.

I am not trying to scare you or say that every aspect of your child’s life must be inspected for safety. I myself have a very active child and know that I won’t stop him from climbing trees, bike racing, etc. Nor do I want to.

But someone close to us had an accident with a low-quality toys and I just wanted to pass on the message. So, rule one is to always, always check the toy before you buy.

Let me elaborate.

Research the manufacturer


When I buy food for my family, I like to know where it comes from. That’s why I have chosen a few brands in the supermarket and a couple of farmers that I trust will give me a quality product. This may mean that I pay a few dollars extra but quality food is a priority for me more than a new shiny car, so I’ll happily pay.

Same with toys.

I bet there is a shop somewhere close to you where you buy most of the toys for your kids. Next time you are there, look around and make note of the most notable manufacturers. When your home, do your research.

Basically, if you only buy from someone who you trust, can contact when you have concerns, there is a much smaller chance something bad may happen.

Don’t stress over it. Just do your best

dont worry

Once I clicked on those Top casino bonus here ads on the internet. I was simply curious of what it is to play casino games broadcasted live from a casino. Anyway, a young, nice looking dealer shuffled the cards and I saw him cut his finger! There is a chance the table itself was responsible but I think I saw how a sharp edge of the card cut his finger.

In any case, these are professionals that are on camera for hours on end. And if they still get accidents, there is no way you can predict everything that might happen. So, there is no need to stress over it.

Check for loose parts. Can small pieces be broken off easily?

That’s mostly it. Doing your best doesn’t mean you must become a professional toy tester. You’re a mom/dad!

Teach your child

Most of the time, there is very little you can do to protect yourself or your kid. Seriously, there are just too many things that are out of our control from lightnings to drunk drivers.

But toys are not.

If your kid is already a toddler, talk to him or her. Try to explain how hard pieces can get stuck in the throat and that it is important to play with toys as they are intended.

And yes, this is something you will have to repeat again and again.