How to make a doll out of cloth

The production of cute dolls from cloth is in fact a very ancient Slavic tradition, which has become popular in our day. Do you want to make a doll for a child, make a doll-amulet for the whole family, or just plan to get carried away with something new? The article will help you master the basics of this amazing kind of skill.

Which dolls can be sewn from the fabric?

The variety of homemade dolls is as great as the limitless imagination. But the dolls are very popular with needlewomen:


slavic doll

These Slavic dolls were made without the use of a needle, by the method of winding all the elements onto a base in the form of tubules made of cloth rolled up in a cross-section. Each doll had its own sacred purpose, for example, from the evil eye for the child, to attract matchmakers, from evil spirits.

Tilda dolls

These are the most popular self-made dolls. Their peculiarity consists in very long legs, little eye-points, bright blushes and absence of mouth. But in this style, not only dolls-girls are sewn, but also colorful bunnies, bear cubs, cats, tilde bags and even tilde slippers.

Dolls of Snowball

These Snow Girls are somewhat similar to Tilde, but they have large, strong feet that allow the doll to stand on its own. A doll with or without a mouth is made.

Pumpkin dolls

pumpkin doll

They have a peculiar shape of the head in the form of a pumpkin, which is sewn from five parts, with one seam necessarily passing in the middle of the face. The doll has a beautifully painted face with all the details.

Waldorf doll

This doll was invented as a didactic material for toddlers. She always retains the proportions of a person, all of her parts are mobile and smooth.

How to make a cloth doll

The following materials are needed:

  • Pattern.
  • Yarn for hair.
  • Fabric flesh-colored for the torso.
  • Multi-colored scraps for clothes.
  • Threads, scissors, sewing machine.
  • Pencils for face design.
  • Synthetic or cotton wool.

 cloth doll

Making dolls:

  • First, create a pattern for the future toy. You can draw it yourself, print from the Internet or buy a book on sewing toys with patterns.
  • All the paper parts are transferred to the fabric, and all cut out.
  • Then sew all the pieces, leaving small holes to push the filler.
  • Turn out all the blanks and fill them with wool, but not very tightly.
  • Connect the trunk with hands and feet. In places where the elbows and knees are bent, make stitches so that the doll bends arms and legs.
  • Pencils make two black dots-eyes and apply blush.
  • Now think up a doll hair style. These can be pigtails, short hair, or luxurious long hair that can bedbound in characters of various movies or even free pokies games for mobiles if you are familiar with the right ones.
  • The final stage is tailoring. You can create an image yourself or choose a suitable pattern.

How to make a doll from scraps?

What you need:

  • Multicolored scraps.
  • Wool, braid, threads.
  • Willow branches (live or artificial).

doll from scraps


  • Fold the basecoat and wrap it in a white cloth. Tie up the detail with a red thread in three places.
  • At one end of the roll, attach a wad of cotton wool, which will serve as a head. And on top, cover the head with a piece of red cloth.
  • Tie the tissue around the imaginary neck, straighten it and twist the hands on both sides.
  • In the area of ​​breast tissue, place a small piece of cotton wool or a twisted piece of any fabric.
  • Straighten the front and back of the red fabric and bandage.
  • Now, from the colored fabric, make the bottom skirt in a reversal fashion.
  • Then use the same methods to make the top skirt.
  • Tie an apron, make a needle from the braid, put on a kerchief.

Make a doll of cloth simply and special sewing skills you will not need. All you need is to pick the right pattern and tune in to the creative process.

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